Our project management professionals are higly skilled in engineering, architecture, finance and construction. PANAX has the ability to provide the expertise and hands-on approach at the highest level possible and bring high value and low risk to any project.Our mission in today’s competitive and costly environment  is to protect our client and insure the successful completion of your project.



The best results begin with a solid relationship between client and contractor and the team members. PANAX always values an effective connection and long lasting experience for our clients throughout the building process with a final product that exceeds the expectations all the participants.We think that we are a perfection hunting team.

PANAX proposal is to combine the traditionally separate design and construction phases into a single in-house design-build contract. This process is more efficient, and creates and affordable project that better matches cost-time-quality.



PANAX provides also superior services in real estate consulting, which helps identify available cost-saving opportunities. Our team define your needs and create a specific plan to direct the development expansion or development process in any business sector.Our advice will help you ensure that you have all the information needed to make a niche decision.

Whether you need advice on the best use for a residential, hotel or commercial property we are qualified to provide the best possible strategy and information to structure the decision making process. Our services are flexible and designed to give you the greatest freedom to choose any  service that best fits your needs.