PANAX provides architecture, engineering and construction under a single contract.Even if you have your own architects we are able to work in parallel seating with your side on the table always checking for efficient and productive results. We offer this service with an in-house staff of team members and a strong, in-house results-oriented construction group and long term relationship. This unique combination of resources results in a single point of responsibility, maximum control and immediate responsiveness. A client's control of the entire construction process is with a single firm, unconditionally committed to the success of the project.


We provide  higher quality than a separate.Project manager has responsibility for performance, so he is motivated to ensure quality. PANAX eliminates conflicts among architects, engineers and consultants and allows resources and attention to be focused on cost-effective and quality finished products. All of the above ends with the best value and quality in your project.


PANAX Team experts work together from the start, so decisions affecting cost and time  are made simultaneously. This means a significant cost and time  savings to the client.


All the aspects of cost, schedule and quality are clearly from the beginning and are clearly defined and confirmed with the client.Responsibilities and risks are appropriately balanced. Change orders due to external factors are eliminated, because our team consultants structure contracts drawings and specification for all life cycle of the project.


PANAX Team has the ability to ensure all of the above in any business sector due to the extensive research and experience in both markets of Greece and UK.we have participated in numerous projects in both countries counting from 1975.